Hey San Christobal… we need to talk

Hey San Christobal… we need to talk

It’s been great catching up with you again. I feel as though I’ve changed a lot since we were last together, but I must admit that I’m happy to see that you haven’t changed a bit. I’ve enjoyed growing as a person over the last 5 years, but upon my arrival I happily appreciate the history of your town and am comforted by the familiar feel of your streets.

As for your mountain air… I’m still not sure whether I love it or hate it. I mean, I enjoy getting wasted after 3 beers. That is a welcome unfamiliarity AND it helps my budget. But, as it is with everything in this crazy world, mountain air is a double edged sword. Mountain Hangovers suck (and yes I realize that ‘Hangovers’ probably doesn’t require a capital letter grammatically speaking, but if you’ve felt a mountain Hangover then you’d capitalize that bad boy too).

You know what I didn’t do last time I was with you?


Welcome to the new me, San Christobal. I do culture these days. I learned this in Oaxaca. Last time I was here I went to the tourist market. This time I went to the local market. Much, much, much cooler. Instead of jewelry hand made by hippies, leather bags and hand woven rugs and clothes, the local market has crazy foods and everything else required for everyday life as a local in San Christobal.


I do culture these days.

I went to your Mayan medicine museum (which in reality was a few plastic figurines in the back of some blokes house). But I did it.

I do culture these days.

I went to your amber museum. That was cool. I like the amber that has bugs caught inside it. Totally reminded me of Jurassic Park. Sadly there were no dinosaurs.

Hey, I didn’t say I’d grown up…

All I said was that I do culture these days.

I climbed up to your lookout.

I got a question: why do you have a really high lookout when you’re already up on a mountain? It seems a little curious, but I’ll admit that the view up there was pretty nice.

Another question: why do you have a gym at the top of the lookout? The air is already thin and then you climb a million steps to get even higher and the air is even thinner and then you expect people to exercise? High altitude training?

I am not, nor do I ever want to be, a Collingwood footballer.

(You probably won’t understand that reference. It’s an Aussie thing. Sorry about that)

So I’ve changed a little. I’m a little older that I was the last time we met. I’m a little more mature (perhaps). A little more cultured (definitely). I am still me though, and my problem lies with climate. I don’t do cold weather San Christobal, and we both knew that this was the case. It was great to visit you again, but my other friends are waiting. I have to leave early in the morning so that I can catch a bus to Guatemala (they don’t run at nighttime to avoid carjackings (or busjackings?).

So, Lago de Atitlan is my next destination and I can’t wait to see her again. She was only a one night stand last time, but I feel as though this time I might get a little more involved.

We know where we stand with each other so I don’t feel as though I’m out of line by saying such things to you.

But since I have to leave early in the morning, by the time you read this I’ll probably already be gone.




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