Hey… my name is TLH and we need to talk…

I started writing break up letters to cities and towns as a carefree young man traveling the world trying to find out what I wanted to do with my life. I had plans exploring for 18 months or more, starting in Mexico and heading south towards Argentina. 3 weeks into my travels I met Valerie, the love of my life, and my plans changed completely.

In the past 18 months, instead of traveling the world, we lived in Guatemala and started a family. Sofía was welcomed into the world on the 28th of January, 2013, and we couldn’t be happier. In May, we flew to Australia for my best mates wedding and on a whim decided to stay.

Our wedding date is set for Feb 8th 2014 and we’re having it in Guatemala! Everything was going so well…

And that’s when I got diagnosed with cancer and I was told that I had to get my leg amputated.

Now, here I am.  Recovering from surgery, physically and mentally, and about to embark on a pretty tough journey. I wonder what else I’m going to ‘break up’ with along the way…

  1. John Logan said:

    Hey Tom

    Enjoying reading your exploits. I know nothing about South/Central America. I was talking with friends at Navitas in Darwin. Both have lived and worked in Mexcia and Argentina for extended perioids. They said if you want to stay longer in S.America( i.e if you’re still out of love with Melbourne(mate, you could check out Darwin!)), why not teach English over there? They recommend the best place to do a one month teacher trainer course is in Buenos Aries with International House. Check out this site http://ihworld.com/teachers/e602b2df34e4448e869f17bf983768d6/, but there are others in your region. You can then work your way around the region, in fact, the world!

    Keep up the blogging!

    Uncle John

    • TLH said:

      Thanks John! I will look into this when I get to South America. I was planning on coming to visit in Darwin as soon as I get home so that I can learn how to teach english but this sounds like a good idea too. I will definitely come and visit when I get back though 🙂 I´m glad you like the blog!

  2. Mate! This is Nico, the Argentinian guy you met in Playa del Carmen and then ran into back in Antigua! Brenna told me you had a blog too. Awesome! Check out mine whenever you have a chance. It’s in Spanish, though! (www.traslacionestacionaria.wordpress.com)

    Good luck!

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